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Introducing our first iteration of grappling / nogi shorts. We have studied shorts from various brands and have compiled all the features we like into this, our very own.

KISETSU nogi shorts features a high-cut type fit in promoting hyper mobility during rigorous training and competition, as this removes excess material that would typically drape just above the knee cap.

We have also replaced the conventional side slit of old with a cut-out that still allows movement but without the folding back of the material when seated or on your back, as it also reduces the chances of someone getting their toes stuck in your shorts.

We went with a fully elastic waist band for maximum comfort and personalised fit; added drawstring to further secure the shorts onto your waist; We also eliminated the use of velcro, and velcro crotch opening as to us it serves no beneficial function.

Finally, we added a small envelope-style pocket on the inner part of the shorts - for holding your mouth guard when not in use, currency notes / cards or even a card-sized wallet/holder if you decide to wear it for casual.

• High Cut

• Fully Elastic Waist Band with Drawstring

• Side cut-outs instead of slits


• Lightweight Polystester

• Lycra Gusset

• Fully Sublimated 

• Hyper Mobility


Care Instructions

• Normal Machine Wash.

• Avoid sun dry.

• Use a laundry net to reduce unnecessary wear of the material.

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