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SEASON 9 • KIKŌ 機甲 (White)

SEASON 9 • KIKŌ 機甲 (White)

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Kikō (機甲) translates to Armour in Japanese. 

The final colourway of the KIKŌ competition series kimono. We bid goodbye to our most popular silhouette with this final send off. KIKŌ was introduced in November 2021, crafted for both Competitors and lightweight gi connoisseurs.  

The kimono/gi acts as our armour - a layer of protection against the elements and the force that oppose us. To stay durable throughout the battle, yet light on our feet for absolute mobility is the inspiration behind our new lightweight series. Featuring heavily reinforced sleeve and pant cuffs, Kikō provides great durability yet deters prolonged gripping.





• 350gsm Pearlweave Jacket - Suitable for tropical climate as it is breathable, lightweight and dries faster after wash.

• 10oz. Cotton Twill Pants - Ensures maximum comfort on the lower body especially the knees.

• Competition Legal.


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Care Instructions

1. Wash with room temperature water.

2. No special washing mode necessary.

3. Dry indoors, avoid direct sunlight.

4. Include Baking Soda or wash as soon as possible to reduce premature discolouration of the kimono.

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