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Inspired by the neutral tones of traditional architectures preserved til this day in modern Japan amidst its ever evolving surroundings, KANGEKI represents the Inspiration we take in from our peers, idols & surroundings throughout our journey in Jiu-Jitsu, adapting it into our approach, style and practices.

The inner edges of the kimono set has been lined with Seigaiha (Ocean Waves) pattern which represents Resilience & Good Luck. On the chest, a doe with her fawn hidden away when the kimono is closed - a tribute to the Deer Park in Nara; Torii gate below the back of the neck; a Dango (grilled mochi) skewer on the bottom left back of the jacket - my favourite past-time snack in Japan; and bamboo patches as a tribute to my visit to the Arashiyama Bamboo Grove in Kyoto.


• 450gsm Pearlweave Jacket - Thicker jacket ensures greater durability to withstand continuous training sessions, yet remain fairly light for competition.

• 10oz. Cotton Twill Pants - Ensures maximum comfort on the lower body especially the knees.

• Competition Legal.


Care Instructions

1. Wash with room temperature water.

2. No special washing mode necessary.

3. Dry indoors, avoid direct sunlight.

4. Include Baking Soda or wash as soon as possible to avoid premature discolouration of the kimono.

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